Earth Flix: Cinema 4 Change

Earth Flix: Cinema 4 Change screenings presented by the Wingecarribee Shire Council.

Each month's screening at The Empire Cinema will have a different environmental theme, will be educational, help build resilience and inspire our community, including Q and A's and a linkage back to our local area. The screenings are jointly funded by the Australian Government and Wingecarribee Shire Council. The films also form part of the Sustainable Us calendar of events.

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Earth Flix: Cinema 4 Change, screening our fifth film: Six Inches of Soil

Synopsis: "Six Inches of Soil" portrays the compelling narrative of young British farmers defying industrial agriculture by embracing regenerative practices. This documentary celebrates the potential of agroecology, fostering local food systems, fair remuneration for farmers, and resilience against climate change. Through the journeys of Anna Jackson, Adrienne Gordon, and Ben Thomas, we witness the transformative power of regenerative farming. Supported by seasoned mentors and a growing movement of advocates, they navigate challenges within a broken food system and degraded landscapes. The film delves into complex issues like food health, poverty, and land ownership, while illustrating the profound connection between farmers, the land, and their communities.

Short local doc: We will also screen a wonderful short documentary called Thankful for Soils. This was filmed by the talented duo of NViro films who are a local documentary production group. It adds to Six inches of soil by inserting the local elements. This short documentary features Australian farmers who place extreme importance on the microbiome beneath the surface and shows the positive impacts this can have for a farmer. 

Discussion: In addition to the screening, we will have special guests who are local and practice regenerative and sustainable farming.  

We hope to see you at our screening on Wednesday 15 May at 6.00 pm.

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Upcoming Screenings:

June 26         - Your Planet Short Docs

July 31           - War on Waste Episode – Plastic Free July

August 21     - The Koalas

Sept 18          - River Blue